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August 10, 2007

Arbortion and the Flip-Flop Flap

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Let me come right out in case there’s any question: I’m against abortion. I’m also in favor of legislation to prevent it. That said, I don’t let my views on any legislatively hopeless issue influence my vote, and abortion is just about the most hopeless issue possible when it comes to legislation. The abortion status-quo isn’t changing within the next decade or two. Hopefully in my lifetime it will, but it will take a Biblical event to make it happen. Those are the sad facts. Face them, America!

What’s even more sad is that for 30+ years more elections have been decided based on a politician’s abortion stance than any other issue. When I campaigned for my Brother-in-law 20 years ago the #1 question I got was: “what’s his view on abortion? ” as if a State Senate seat is going to make a dent in the most stubborn national issue ever. During those 30+ years NEVER has Roe vs. Wade come close to being overturned. NEVER. 2001 through 2006 was our best hope for overturning it, given a conservative house, conservative senate, and conservative executive branches – and an anti-abortion bill never came close to passing. Let me repeat: Conservative House, Conservative Senate, Conservative Executive, and an anti-abortion bill never came close to passing. Now, given the current liberal Senate and House conditions, the chances of an overturn now is nil, zippo, zilch, nada.

Conservative House, Conservative Senate, Conservative Executive, and an anti-abortion bill never came close to passing. It was the perfect opportunity and it never came close.

Now don’t get me wrong, it might be a vitally important issue but at this point it is more legislatively hopeless then ever. So am I, a pro-lifer, giving up? No, but I’m not being stupid either. I’m not going to shoot myself in the foot and vote for someone because they are or aren’t pro-life, because if they get elected then so what? The most ardent pro-lifers do little about it once they’re elected, because they can’t. It’s insurmountable. The best in the world have tried, with overwhelming scientific and medical-data support, and they all have failed miserably.

It’s a hot button that politicians push to get elected; nothing more. At least the smart ones do. I’m satisfied with anyone’s rationalization for their stated position too. Since it’s a legislatively hopeless issue I welcome them to define whatever abortion stance they want and rationalize it as much as they want. I can’t do anything about legislatively hopeless issues, and neither can you . Besides, there are so many important things that hang in the balance and deserve your much needed attention.

So it’s beyond me why anyone would consider this to be a vote-determining-issue when the status quo doesn’t have a chance of changing in the next decade. And flip-flopping on a legislatively hopeless cause is a non-issue.

So am I, a pro-lifer, giving up? No, but I’m not being stupid either. I’m not throwing away my vote for a candidate based on a legislatively hopeless cause. We should be voting with regard to issues that hang in the balance. To do otherwise is throwing away a vote. Besides, grass roots efforts will influence abortion opinions far more than a politician ever could.

Of course Mitt Romney opponents would have you think differently. They are the abortion spin doctors. They pretend that flip-flopping on abortion is as important or more important than flip-flopping on causes that hang in the balance. Things like foreign policy. Things like where your tax dollars will go. Things like the war on terror. Things like cleaner energy legislation. Those are the things that the abortion spin doctors would have you ignore, but rather focus on a legislatively hopeless issue.

President Reagan faced the same opposition – the loudest criticism ever leveled against Ronald Reagan was that he changed from pro-choice to pro-life, like Mitt Romney did. It’s as if Reagan’s opponents couldn’t come up with anything else other than to peg Ronald Reagan as a flip flopper on a legislatively hopeless issue. It’s these spin doctors that you need to watch out for, because they don’t know the difference between a legislatively hopeless issue and an issue over which a decision hangs in the balance. You’d think they know better because these guys are, after all, Legislators who should know about legislation. If you want to get something done in government then support someone who knows when a piece of legislation is hopeless or not. If they’re focusing on legislatively hopeless causes now, then just wait until they get into office. Nothing will get done. Just like what is happening right now. Nothing.


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