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October 2, 2007

Columbia University Crossed the Line

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So says Benjamin Netanyahu, former Prime Minister from Israel. This clip is about a week old, but it is incredibly good. It’s one of those little blurbs that gets lost in the shuffle that speaks loads of wisdom that is lost on even the most respected thinkers of our time.


PM Netanyahu makes some extremely good points – the first being the fragility of democracy.Then there’s the insidious attitude of apathy so prevalent among the left side with regard to the danger jihadists like Mahmoud present. They see him as a harmless funny little man, just as Hitler was perceived, and not so long ago. Mahmoud and Hitler share far too much in common. I shudder to consider what liberally bent teachers are telling our kids – that all leaders of all foreign nations are respectable diplomats with sovereign authority which should be appreciated and respected. Not where I come from. Respect is earned, no matter who you are, and Mahmoud is the least deserving of all.

Our nation’s forefathers would never have given a platform of legitimacy to a terrorist bent on world domination and the genocide of any people. The thought is ludicrous. It matters very little how degrading of an introduction that was given by the leader of that forum for Mr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad “I want a jihad”. Would such an audience be given to a known pedophile as if he was a respectable diplomat? The rhetoric that normally spews from Mahmoud is no lest disgusting or threatening, despite what he may have said at Columbia.

There is no doubt that he is developing a nuclear weapons program. Even after it’s built, a nuclear energy plant would cost him 100 times more than Oil-based energy. But Mahmoud wants fissionable material – easily garnered from nuclear waste. He has also made it clear that the bomb will drop will drop on Israel as soon as it’s developed. What I find amazing is the apathy among the liberal left – almost as if they’re saying “not my problem”, but Netanyahu is probably closer to understanding their apathy as being a lack of understanding or belief.

There’s been so much of this crossing of the protective line of democracy that we’re playing a veritable game of hopscotch with the devil, and it’s only a matter of time until we loose the game.


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