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November 8, 2007

UDel: A Bastion of Reverse Bigotry No More?

Right. I’ll believe it when I see it.

A week ago “F.I.R.E” (a freedom-of-speech watchdog group) said enough was enough. University of Delaware (walking distance from my house) for years had been violating the 1st amendment rights of it’s dormitory students in the most egregious manner. Multiple times throughout the year the students were “interviewed”, and given “treatment” by resident assistants to adopt certain “politically correct” views. In fact, they went beyond common political correctness. In these interviews they had to disclose when they became aware of their “sexual orientation”, they also had to agree to the definition of racist as intrinsically excluding all races except for whites, furthermore that all whites were racist regardless of their sentiments or actions. Orientations were held for incoming freshmen where those who disagreed were asked to stand on one side of the room while those with the “correct” answers stood on the other. They were asked to write down and discuss the worst kinds of epithets in a group setting. How would you feel to be a 18 yr old jewish girl on her first day at school being told that being “cheap” was part of your identity – all in the name of exposing bigotry? Also included in this program with a list of disallowed words that you cannot speak on campus grounds, including words like “gay” and “fag”. You also had to agree with certain political opinions of the school regarding global warming and other things. This was all enforced with a system of intimidation and indoctrination. Fortunately many RA’s (if not most) refused to ask the questions in the one-on-one interviews that they thought inappropriate, but also refused to be identified because they were afraid the university might fire them for their non-compliance.

Last fall UDel got a new president who inherited this mess. He said they are suspending the program for review. Earlier efforts to investigate the official “Student Life Diversity Training” program was hindered by the previous administration who claimed such a program did not exist.

Its an Orwellian 1984 and Big Brother is a secretive wacko-left-wing-taliban organization embedded in the highest reaches of academia and bureaucracy. It’s reached epidemic proportions. University of Columbia enthusiastically offers a platform of legitimacy to a nuclear warhead seeking lunatic to expound his theories of genocide, while denying the president of the NRA the ability to speak there at an engagement scheduled by the student republicans. Before that it was the egregious gag order established by a Boston judge that nobody in the media may mention anything regarding fist gate.

Remember fist-gate? Of course you don’t. Not only did the judge disallow the media from mentioning it, the media itself was loath to mention it as it exposed the seediest underbelly imaginable of the gay and lesbian acceptance movement. Never before or since has there been such a gross violation of free speech as practiced by the government. And why was the gag order ruled? Because the information would have been embarrassing and damaging to the pro-homosexual community.

I experienced first-hand this phenomena when I attended U of I in 1988-1992. There was an article in the school newspaper which I disagreed with and wrote my letter to the editor forwarding my conservative-based opinions. The published editing of my letter was obviously designed to make me sound like a lunatic. It wasn’t until I threatened to forward to state officials the original along with what they printed that they relented and printed my whole reply. I had a friend who worked on the staff there and she told me she’d never seen the editor so angry. He was apparently furious with the idea that he was accountable for his actions to a higher authority than his own.

So it is with great suspicion that I accept that things will really be any different at UDel. If experience has taught me anything it’s that the watchdog group “FIRE” has given them just another reason to be more clandestine in their nefarious PC indoctrinating ways.


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