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January 15, 2008

Iraq … 2018 and we’re still there?

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In my last blog entry I said that if we hope to leave a country that won’t implode into a terrorist state then we need to give Iraq as long as we had to create and ratify a constitution. The year I gave was 2016, based solely on how long it took our Founding Fathers to do the same thing, but under much more amenable circumstances.

Today the New York Times is running a story where Iraq also is saying that they will need help until at least 2018. At least with the borders. They will be able to completely take over the internal security by 2012, which is where most of our efforts are currently.

The truth is that border security will be a nice walk in the park compared to what we’re doing now. I know there are a lot of people who think until 2012 is outrageous, but what’s truly outrageous is that we thought we could get away with anything less when we walked into this hornet’s nest to stir things up.


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