Whorled View

January 30, 2008

2008 Election: High School Antics Galore

It seems to get worse every day, but this last week takes the cake.  I was watching CBS World News last night like I always do (I like Charlie, even if he is dumber than a box of rocks, and even if he defers to the conniving Stephanopolis for political opinion).  They had a 5 minute segment on whether Obama “snubbed” Clinton, with pictures and everything as she reached out to shake Kennedy’s hand while Obama was looking the other way.

5 minutes!   Of course, the story was centered on Hillary being offended, and Obama saying it was nothing (while, interestingly, never admitting that it was unintentional).

Then there was the Caroline Kennedy endorsement … why?  Because she said her teenage daughter thought it would be cool if he won.   The press is now making a big deal about “Camelot courting Obama”.   Camelot?  More like Cram-a-lot.  I think I’m going to be sick.

Then there’s the big deal the MSM is making about Romney being such a big meany to everyone.  I can’t turn on the TV (which has been far more focused on this than written news) without hearing Romney with his millions is a big meany to Huckabee, he’s a big meany to McCain, and he’s a big meany to Giuliani.  NEWS FLASH: It’s politics and the door swings both ways.  While the other candidates pretend to have fragile ego’s that get hurt when someone brings up their political record, I’m grateful that somebody is pointing out what the MSM is helping the other candidates bury.

Here’s a fun experiment you can try on your own.: Tonight, tomorrow, whenever, I don’t care because it happens almost every night right now, watch CBS Evening News and wait until they get to the political commentary by Stephanopolis.  Everytime he’ll mention the criticisms leveled against Romney, but not mention Romney’s response, and then he’ll throw in his own 2 cents about how the public as a whole consistently thinks Romney lacks character and integrity.  Then he’ll either: 1) not mention the exact criticism leveled against Romney’s competition (whoever it might be at the time), or spend more time on how unfair Romney’s attack was giving far more time to the response of Romney’s allegations than the allegations themselves.

It’d be hilarious really if it wasn’t such an egregious abuse of the their media monopoly, but that’s not what really bugs me.  It’s that nothing is about the issues anymore.  It’s all devolved into a high-school-ish popularity contest surrounding the idea of who is nicest and most deserving, not who’s best for the job.  I hated that part of high school, but people like me aren’t in charge of the media so we put up with it.  What else can you do when you’re surrounded by full grown adolescents who own the airwaves?


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