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February 4, 2008

McCain debates Hillary, lovingly

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Now that the Republican party has practically let the mainstream media pick their candidate we can look forward to what their debates will be like:

Hillary: Repeal the Bush Tax cuts!
McCain: I agree!

Hillary: Reward illegals with citizenship!
McCain: I agree!

Hillary: Punish America alone for global warming!
McCain: I agree!

Hillary: No conservative Judges like Alito!
McCain: I agree!

Hillary: Abort unwanted babies!
McCain: I agree if it belongs to my daughter!

Hillary: Gay rights!
McCain: Especially if they’re “passionate lesbians”!

Hillary: No Man-Woman Marriage Amendment!
McCain: I agree!

Hillary: Protect incumbents and limit free speech!
McCain: Long live McCain-Feingold!

Hillary: No Alaska drilling!
McCain: I agree!

Hillary: Vote for me!
McCain: I agree! Wait… ! Ummmmmm…

Oh boy! I can’t wait! (that dripping sound you hear is sarcasm)


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  1. […] last entry was critical of Obama.  I’ve been just as critical of McCain (see “McCain debates Hillary, lovingly“).  Honestly, I would be equally critical of both more often if I found an excuse to do so, […]

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