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February 5, 2008

Huckabee’s Secret Combination

Filed under: christianity,Corruption,partisan politics,Politics,Sociology — lullabyman @ 2:52 pm

According to the math Huckabee has no chance of winning even if he gets all the South-Eastern states. Why, then, is he staying in the race? Of course, it’s to split the socially conservative vote with Romney so McCain will win.

Seems crazy, though, as McCain stands for almost everything that Huck and Romney both oppose – so what’s going on here?

Well, the answer’s obvious isn’t it? All the other electoral drop-outs have endorsed McCain so they could be veep, so Huck must be doing the same, right? But an endorsement by Huckabee for McCain would seem so hypocritical given their diametrically opposed platforms. If Huckabee was a true conservative he would endorse the candidate with a conservative platform: Romney. So what is he to do?

And where is he of the most value for McCain? Exactly where he is.  Besides, dropping out and endorsing McCain would substantiate all the rumors of Huck’s supposed baptist-based bigotry. If he wants to really help McCain, and secure for himself the veep spot, he needs to split the conservative vote and effectively hand over the victory to McCain.

So we’ll see, rather soon, if it will pay off for Huckabee. Will he have sold his birthright (his platform) for porridge (mere revenge) or will he get the veep spot? And don’t kid yourself … he is indeed selling his platform – McCain is Anti-Marriage-Ammendment, Anti-Life-Amendment, Pro-taxes, Pro-Amnesty, and soft on moral issues, and Huckabee is doing far more for McCain than any of the other McCain endorsers combined.

Either way, whether it is revenge or to get the veep spot, it is despicable to split the vote just to deprive your closest platform of a victory. Such a man is the least deserving of anyone’s vote.



  1. I just like Huckabee – I am a little less jaded but far from a lemming – I voted democrat the last two presidential elections.


    Comment by Ellen — February 5, 2008 @ 3:28 pm

  2. If Huckabee had a chance of winning I’d vote for him over McCain. For me the most important criteria this election is diplomacy and an ability to fix the economy. I think Romney is the best in those two criteria, but Huckabee is better than McCain on both accounts. McCain can certainly win the war, but can he win the peace? I’m not so sure he can. Neither do I like McCain’s plan to raise energy costs 20% and gasoline by $0.50/gal to fix global warming, especially when the warming is “global”. The mere suggestion convinces me that McCain doesn’t have a grip on the economic realities of today.

    Comment by lullabyman — February 5, 2008 @ 3:42 pm

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