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January 29, 2009

Free Professional Paint Job

Filed under: Blogroll,humor,Sociology — lullabyman @ 6:48 am

I’m always out there thinking of the little guy and trying to help him save a little money, especially in these hard times.  Today is about how to  get your car a new paint job and getting the insurance company to pay for it for you.  It’s easily done … it’s called vandalism, and you can encourage it as simply as putting one of the following bumper stickers on your car:

“BBB: Bring Bush Back!”

“Bipartisian, schmipartisian.”

“Blagojevich for President”

“Earth schmerth.  Who needs it?”

“Yippee!  We won in Iraq!”

“I sold short on America and got rich!”

“Hope ain’t just a word … it’s a cliche’.”

“I [heart] OPEC.”

“Healthcare, NO!” (or “Heathcare” with a NOT sign)

“Impeach  Obama” (note, use only if you need an entirely new car)

“I [heart] [Hannity or Limbaugh or Coulter]”

Best of luck!  Park it down by a University, or Starbucks, or anywhere else where people generally tend to look angry or depressed and speak in condescending tones.  Soon your car will get keyed, or even better : bashed beyond recognition.  Next step: file your insurance claim along with 3 of the most expensive bids you can find.  I hope you enjoy your new free paint job.


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