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November 20, 2007

The Vitamin C “Dead Zone”

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Most medical practitioners do not understand how the body utilizes high concentrations of ascorbates (Vitamin C and it’s buffered variants). As a result clinical studies for Vitamin C are poorly designed and result in inadequate and misleading conclusions. Ultimately such misleading conclusions discourage medical practitioners from using vitamin-based treatments despite a growing number of studies with seemingly polar opposite conclusions that strongly promote the use of vitamin-based therapies and treatments. This is a globally important issue, since vitamin-based therapies provide the world with cheap and effective treatments that are readily available. Sadly those same therapies are widely disparaged because of an overwhelming amount of research inappropriately done in what I call the “dead zone”. Read more about this “dead zone” here: http://www.the-austins.com/Vitamin%20C%20Dead%20Zone.html

Dead Zone Effectiveness

Dead Zone Economics


October 21, 2007

Winning the War on Terror through Vitamin C

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The war on Terror costs money. Lots of it. It seems then that the best way to win the war on terror is to free up tons of money, making it available to the economy so the war on terror can be funded. After all, most wars are not won on the battlefield anymore than they are in the pocketbook. Whoever can afford to fight the longest and hardest wins.

Where to get such money? Well, according to the results of a British researcher: http://torontosun.com/Lifestyle/2007/10/20/4590932-sun.html we could very likely solve heart disease problem cheaply and efficiently and heart disease is (the #1 killer in the United States) costs Americans more money every year by far than does the Iraqi conflict. The wild thing is that tons of research backs up this claim the cheap doses of Vitamin E (an antioxidant), cheap resveratrol (another antioxidant), and cheap megadoses of Vitamin C can prevent, and even reverse the conditions that lead to heart attacks, and yet our “noble” allopathic tradition discourages it, claiming that it’s dangerous because it can give you diarrhea … or even worse: it might make you fart!

Oh! The horrors!

Meanwhile the war on terror is bankrupting the world, yet heart disease costs even more. Same thing with Cancer (costs more than the war on terror), which disease is also very treatable, very effectively by extremely cheap IV based ascorbate treatments (as high as 200 mg/day, but usually 70 mg twice/week is adequate). So if we started using these cheap treatments and reinvesting that money usually spent on Cancer and Heart Disease into the economy then we would have more than enough to pay for the War on Terror. Not to mention it would save 100,000,000’s lives every year worldwide – allowing the patients to live full and productive lives.

But then who’s going to pay for all the Yachts? No wonder the AMA and your very own doctor frowns upon anything that has anything to do with Vitamin C. And so we’ll bankrupt the economy of the world. Just remember – it wasn’t the war that did it. It was the refusal to save money where money could have been saved.

September 19, 2007

Allopathic Taliban suffer another blow

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I’m a huge proponent of orthomolecular medicine, which is the practice of fighting diseases with the substances our bodies need to be healthy, ie. certain vitamins and minerals often in super-megadoses. Orthomolecular medicine is in direct opposition to allopathic (traditional) medicine, which uses substances that our bodies normally don’t use (example: all pharmaceutical drugs) for medicine in order to fight diseases.

… the NIH published a study last week that Vitamin C does indeed fight cancer, while not affecting non-cancerous tissue. In fact it apparently does this better than any other substance known to mankind

To the chagrin of the Allopathic Taliban (those who blindly commit professional violence against those who use or prescribe vitamins in a therapeutic manner as a matter of professional bigotry) the NIH published a study last week that Vitamin C does indeed fight cancer, while not affecting non-cancerous tissue. In fact it apparently does this better than any other substance known to mankind. Again, that’s NIH, the National Institutes of Health saying this – the same institute who disparaged Linus Pauling, 2 time Nobel Laureate, 30 years ago for saying the exact same thing: Vitamin C fights cancer and strengthens the body. This claim about Vitamin C is in fact listed as quakery by allopaths and their minions everywhere. Other claims even attempt to suggest that Vitamin C increases cancer with the most hokey reasoning imaginable.

mercolla's clever allopathic allegory

Now they’re disparaging Pauling (an easy thing to do now since Pauling is dead) for not going about it differently 30 years ago. For example, Mark Levine (a pseudo-advocate of Vit C therapies) says “If Linus Pauling, the two-time Nobel laureate turned vitamin C zealot, had taken an equally dispassionate stance 30 years ago, who knows where the vitamin would be in oncology today”, then later equivocates the questing that the medical community screwed up by disparaging Vitamin C “is akin to ‘Do you still beat your wife?’ “.

Levine equivocates the questing that the medical community screwed up by disparaging Vitamin C “is akin to ‘Do you still beat your wife?’ “. The fact is that they have, and if that’s like “[beating] your wife”, then they’re as guilty as a rabid male chauvinist.

Well, I don’t ask the question. I state it as a matter of fact: The allopathic medical community as a whole has systematically sabotaged every study they possibly could over the last 30 years that would have otherwise vindicated Pauling’s claims. Why? Because he was an outsider to the medical community? Because pharmaceutical companies were scared? Because it was just so incredibly different (the horrors: cheap vitamins for therapy!)? Who knows why they have done this … it doesn’t matter why. The fact is that they have sabotaged every megavitamin study ever, and I don’t mean offense to Mark Levine but if that’s like “[beating] your wife”, then as a society the AMA is as guilty as a rabid male chauvinist by completely abandoning their Hippocratic oath with respect to orthomolecular therapies.

Levine himself did that when he discouraged people from using megavitamins in the conclusion of his study that proved Vitamin C kills cancer while not hurting adjacent healthy tissue, and later saying : “This is not ready for patients yet”, and just that “we should reinvestigate”, and “there may be a new hope coming, but it’s certainly not here”.  1000’s who’ve added years to their lives, and a wealth of data on the safety of Vit C protocols strongly disagree that “it’s certainly not here”.  Shame on you Levine and others for knowingly proving it’s safety, simplicity, and efficacy and then discouraging usage for what I can only assume is out of fear for professional retribution.  Hippocrates be damned.  Such are not doctors nor health practitioners, but mere scientists.

And that’s why your doctor would rather stuff your body full of toxic things it’s never experienced before, than to use vitamins and other chemistries that fortify and build human tissue. Never mind that AIDS patients have received as much as 300,000 mg / day of buffered vitamin C shot directly into their bloodstream without any adverse long-term effects, your doctor will still insist that it’s unhealthy for you to consume, just orally, a mere 5,000 mg/day (1/60 as much). Apparently allopathic doctors (most doctors) feel it’s okay if all your hair falls out while killing off massive amounts of vital healthy skin tissue with traditional (allopathic) cancer therapy, but heaven forbid you suffer a little bowel discomfort from consuming too much vitamin C because it might dehydrate you.  Apparently none of them heard of drinking more water.

The truth is that you can avoid bowel discomfort / diarrhea if you take buffered C (ex:sodium ascorbate) along with another anti-oxidant vitamin E, and plenty of water.  I’ve found you can guarantee no bowel discomfort with mega-doses of Vit C in a delicious shake (which tastes like lighly carbonated “gogurt”) by blending 20g Vit C powder in with 10 flavored anti-acid wafers (calcium-carbonate), along with 1/3 cup sugar and 2 cups water.  If you have gas after mega-C doses then you need to drink a lot more water than you’ve been drinking, which also has innumerable other benefits.

Eventually the reign of the allopathic Taliban will come to and end as more studies like this are brought to light by highly principled physicians who can read beyond poorly done studies using insufficient dosage levels. It’s just a matter of time before the old doctors die off and the new ones can put the blame where it deserves: tradition and professional prejudice.

Sadly, it’s just a shame that in the meantime so many patients will go broke with expensive and toxic drugs while needlessly suffering illness and even unecessary death.

I incidentally, have been taking an average 20,000 mg/ day for 4 years now and have never felt better. I have taken as much as 60,000 mg/day orally with no adverse side effects.

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